Wael Aboneama

Wael Aboneama holding Ph.D. in architecture & MBA, is a professor in the Architecture & Planning department (Specialized in Environmental design & Sustainable development), Faculty of Engineering, King Khalid University, Abha, KSA & Faculty of Fine arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed international conferences and journals, focused on sustainability, Housing, and Artificial Intelligence. He owns a European consultancy in Architecture since 2006. In 2009 has completed his Ph.D. (on Artificial Intelligence and architectural software development) from Helwan University and Polytechnic of Athens. His master's studies from his university on housing and economic studies.

All his researches focused on sustainable design and enhancing architectural design tools using artificial intelligence. He won many international architectural competitions. In 2013, He got his MBA degree from the International School of Scandinavia, Denmark. He has the responsibility for Advising, guiding, and managing all aspects of technology and the business of architectural design, focusing vision, strategy in all types of buildings up to the scale of megaprojects.

Wael Aboneama is responsible for educating postsecondary students on the basic principles and fundamentals of architecture and graduates from architecture and civil departments. He creates lesson plans and delivers lectures on architectural design concepts, architecture theories, environmental design, urban planning, housing, and project management. For postgraduate studies, he creates lessons for risk management, construction management, sustainable design, and BIM. He conducts field research and publishes their findings in journals or books.

Wael Aboneama creates designs for new construction projects, alterations, and redevelopments. He uses his specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Wael stays involved throughout the construction process, adapting his plans according to budget constraints, environmental factors, or client needs. As such, he operates as part of an overall project design team, working closely with a range of construction professionals from quantity surveyors to building services engineers.

Wael Aboneama as an urban planner develops and helps communities to decide how best to use their land and resources with an eye toward future growth and revitalization. He is also called a regional or city planner, who recommends locations for roads, schools, and other infrastructure to help local officials solve social, economic, and environmental problems. He works with developers and with other communities on the best way to turn proposals into reality.

Wael Aboneama enjoys and understands the merging of art and science into a display of beauty that melds the buildings and technology with nature. He uses creativity and the beauty of nature to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, and functional area. Areas may include personal lawns, parks, highways, walkways, and more. He creates and makes planning the finished product, tying in new features with current ones, by sketching it to scale.

Wael Aboneama's scope is to make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. Dr. Wael has a talented partner in his interior projects who is Reem Hisham. Reem is his wife and talented architect. She is an interior specialist and has a unique talent for internal space. They plan the design of living, administrative, medical, hospitality, and commercial environments. they then manage the work of turning their ideas into a reality. They always design a space that is practical for its purpose as well as visually pleasing. Projects can be broad in scope, ranging from structural alterations to the choice of furnishings, curtains, wallpaper, and lighting.

Wael Aboneama has an accredited MBA degree from Denmark specialized in project management. He assists in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring technical feasibility. He is responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget. He Sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities, and monitors and summarizes the progress of the project. He plans and designates project resources, prepares budgets, monitors progress, and keeps stakeholders informed the entire way. This is all done within the confines of a company's goals and vision. He is detail-oriented and has excellent communication skills.

Certificates & Professional membership

The bachelor's degree in architecture in 1996 was the first step in the construction industry for Wael Aboneama. In 2002 he got a master's degree in architecture. Then, he got his Ph.D. in 2009. In 2013, he got his MBA from Denmark. During his international work, Dr. Wael became on 2006 PE (professional architect) in Europe and passed all its accreditation and exams to get the membership of European Syndicate in Athens TEE. In 2018, he got the title of architecture consultant in Egypt from its engineering syndicate specialized in public buildings mainly “Commercial projects”.

Professor (Environmental Design & Sustainable Development)

Dr. Wael is a professor in the Architecture department (Specialized in Environmental design & Sustainable development), Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, and Architecture & Planning department, Faculty of Engineering, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia. He is responsible for educating postsecondary students on the basic principles and fundamentals of architecture and graduates from architecture and civil departments. He creates lesson plans and delivers lectures on architectural design concepts, architecture theories, environmental design, urban planning, housing, and project management. For postgraduate studies, he creates lessons for risk management, construction management, sustainable design, and BIM. He conducts field research and publishes their findings in journals or books. Dr. Wael Holds a Ph.D. degree since 2009. He got his master's degree in Architecture in February 2002. He got his MBA degree from Denmark specialized in "project management" in May 2013.


International publications and conferences are targets for presenting Dr. Wael's thoughts and directions. Sustainability is his major subject that attracts most of his researches. Also, artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact to develop architecture design tools are the second directions of Dr. Wael's researches. His Ph.D. thesis title is "Applying the artificial intelligence on architectural design to develop designing tools creativity". It was the beginning of his admiration with the (AI). Up to writing this article, Dr. Wael Aboneama has 8 kinds of research published in the Web of Science books and journals. The international scientific indexing (ISI) is now his target which is the highest scientific indexing in the world.

European Consulanacy

Since Wael Aboneama was a student in the architecture department, he dreamt of being a famous international architect. This dream was the reason for his move to Europe at the beginning of 2003. Since his first arrival in Athens, he was struggling for his bachelor's and master's accreditation. In 2006 he got his membership in TEE which is the engineering syndicate for professional architects and engineers in Greece. One of the exam priorities is to be fluent in the Greek language and all building and construction laws. Secondly, the accreditation should be European accreditation which called (ΔΟΑΤΑΠ). After getting this membership, Dr. Wael owns the key to be an international architect.

Consultant Architect

The architecture consultant is a higher level than the architect. Dr. Wael as a consultant provides various predesign services, such as feasibility and environmental impact studies, site selection, cost analyses, and design requirements. He supervises and develops final construction plans after discussing and agreeing on the initial proposal with clients with the level of sustainability and value engineering. He supervises professionally the coordination between drawings of the structural system; air-conditioning, heating, and ventilating systems; electrical systems; communications systems; and plumbing. Sometimes, landscape plans are included as well. In developing designs, he follows state and local building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations, and other ordinances, such as those requiring easy access to buildings for people who are disabled without losing any objective of the project scope. Dr. Wael has started working with Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) since he was a student in 1993 with international offices. He moved to building information modeling (BIM) since 2003 and replaced traditional drafting paper and pencil as the most common methods for creating designs and construction drawings. However, hand-drawings and sketches are still produced by Dr. Wael, especially during the conceptual stages of a project and when he is at a construction site. Dr. Wael as a consultant helps clients get construction bids, select contractors, and negotiate construction contracts. As construction continues, Dr. Wael visits building sites himself beside his team of architects and engineers to ensure that contractors follow the design, adhere to the schedule, use the specified materials, and meet work quality standards. The job is not complete until all construction is finished, required tests are conducted, and construction costs are paid. During the building operation, Dr. Weal’s duties as a consultant still exist to enhance building performance and apply any risk management plans required as per his experience in risk management.

Manual sketches & Freehand drawings

The admiration of freehand sketches was the start spark and the reason for selecting architecture as a profession for Wael Aboneama


Students & Clients Say:

As a professor, Wael Aboneama deals with his students as partners and colleagues in the architecture profession. I have to say that the most interesting time for myself is inside the university with my students. Also, I am very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of my clients.

Ayman Ahmed, Gilbarco

Weal is a great architect in the form of skillful engineer, accurate and precise, motivated and leader, I'm amazed by his design quality, brightness, self-descriptive drawings. Being partners sometimes, I was proud of the job we did together and how credentials base we built. Your buildings will act as stars shining in Europe, Egypt, the Gulf, and Africa.

Mostafa Khaled

I also remembering what you teach me from your lectures and changed my way of thinking about how teaching could be easier and more understandable.

Aya Nasr

The truth is that Dr. Wael is one of the most prolific professors whom I benefited from them very much during my university study, and I did not forget about his lectures and what he said to us, and I still have my notes of his lectures :) And I remember also about his subject "Architecture Theories". May God honors you, professor, and always help you, Wael Aboneama. Thank you very much. :)

Salma Abd El Menem

Dr. Wael, you have affected us all morally and scientifically to the extent that I keep all the lectures even after I have graduated and always invite you, may God make him Lord in the balance of your good deeds. You really, make us love the architecture and affected my personality. Thank you doctor.

Youstina Adel

It is one of the very few professors that I would really enjoy the lecture .. I always see that it is easy if you have information that you fear and say it like what it is and salvation. Teaching is not a duty.

Mohammad Wael Aboneama

I love Baba's work and designs. It is always my pleasure to be by his side (as much as possible) to learn how he creates those beautiful buildings. I can draw nice sketches, however they are not for buildings. He told me that this was an excellent start. I hope to be a designer like him and be able to use all of the programs that he used to create his buildings with.

Ibrahim Wael Aboneama

I have started to learn Sketchup and make some buildings. Baba told me they were beautiful, but I see his buildings are more beautiful than mine. I want to join his department and be a professor like him. I always walk with him to his university during summer vacation and sit on his chair in his office.

Noah Wael Aboneama

I can't tell you about my experience with dad's work because I have nothing right now. However, he plays well, and I noticed that he likes to draw sketches a lot. He works hard on his black keyboard and gets bored when I press all the keys together. He says he takes much more time to work when I sit on him during his work.

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